Find Your Beach

This is what we've all been working so hard for.  Now it's time to enjoy the magic the beach has to offer.  Just unlock it. Have the beach lifestyle year around.

Your Beach

Finding your beach provides motivation to get to your finish line. "Beach" is a metaphor for whatever/wherever motivates you. It could be the mountains, your childhood home town. Moving closer to your kids so you can enjoy the grandkids and an extended family lifestyle. Whatever your 'beach' is, hone and make it yours. Get a picture, make it your screensaver on your phone, computer or put on your refrigerator. It's a great reminder of what's important to you.

This will provide you great motivation to achieve Step 2, which is your plan to financial freedom. Create one that is easy for you to follow and best ones are semi-automated. That's have we've put together our "Beach" Retirement Plan to Financial Freedom.

I think of my beach and all the great things I will do there. For me it's just not one beach, but a couple magical places I grown to love over the years. It's a place I take extra pleasure when I enjoy that cup of coffee overlooking the water and watching the golfer and butterflies flutter by.

It's where I get to have great conversations and wonderful dishes with my immediate family, extended family and my annual friend-weekend filled with fun and laughter.

How's this Place?

Southern California. I love good surf session, weather is fairly optimal year around. With a little research you can find your great beach or beaches.  Check out Newport Beach, California.  Living on the beach there is really expensive, but you can live in the surrounding areas for considerably less. 

You space in the sun

Antigua and Barbuda

Antigua and Barbuda are two magical gems in the heart of the Caribbean. With some of the most stunning spots on earth filled with 80,000 new friends, Antigua and Barbuda makes for an epic paradisical adventure!

Orange Beach Alabama

If you're into boating this is for you.  Fresh sea food, great weather and plenty to explore.  Make this your beach. 


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Thanks for coming. We share ideas on great beaches and talk about financial freedom so you can do what you want, when you want. How to retire to get your financial freedom, so you can enjoy more time at "your" beach - whatever and wherever it might be. We also talk about tech, gear, good grinds, fun drinks and things to do.

Do what you want, find your beach.

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